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We create a strong Brand and increase the demand for your product through interaction with your target audience on Social Media.

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Socially-savvy and sales-ready

Your brand can be easily recognised and targeted to a large user base through Facebook marketing. Our services help you reach out to a huge potential customer base.

If you are planning on hiring a Facebook ad agency, make sure that you get the right expertise and support to handle all of your marketing needs.Digital Dukandaari provides the support you need for data-driven Facebook marketing and social media marketing in general.

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Top facebook marketing strategies right Here!

Digitaldukandaari. ensures you get Facebook marketing success using an analytics-driven approach, putting a rational reason behind every step in the execution. Come to us for the best creatives, branding strategy and targeting.

  • Granular target identification
  • Ad budget optimisation
  • ROI-focused reporting
  • Transparency in analytics
What we do

Get Massive Exposure by trusting us as your Facebook Marketing Company

Affordable Facebook marketing

We provide affordable Facebook marketing services so that even small size companies can afford expenses and stay ahead of their competitors.

Enhances brand awareness

By availing Facebook Marketing agency services, the companies can serve more companies resulting in more business.

Target potential customers

Facebook Marketing is used as a marketing tool adopted by us aimed at targeting the potential customers of our clients based on their demographics and interests.


Frequently Asked Questions

When launching a business or a startup, it is essential to start promoting from the very beginning. The sooner you get first profit, the faster your project grows. Social networking is considered as the best way to establish your brand values, engage with first customers and get them familiar with your goods and services without spending high budgets.
Social media is the easiest tool to connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand and boost your leads and sales. SMM also allows you to get closer to the potential clients and raise their trust in your product. Regular posting of up-to-date content will help to build a strong connection between your product and clients’ needs. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, the users and engagement on major platforms just keep increasing.
Traditional marketing communicates in one way (brand to customer), which is less effective compared to social media marketing. Digital marketing is multi-ways (brand to customer, customer to brand, customer to customer). It is highly engaging and works towards word of mouth. Social media analytics helps precisely determine your target audience and immediately engage with them, which makes SMM the most cost-effective tool for brands and businesses.
It is not possible to say which method is better. They both help your business get more traffic and therefore make more sales. Social media marketing is a process of promoting your brand using social networks. It allows you to build your brand reputation and engage with followers who are interested and want to interact with your brand. Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing a website for search engines. Google and other search engines use some rules to decide which websites to show in the top positions, and SEO is about satisfying those rules to achieve better rankings. We advise not to choose but use both tools.
It is possible but less profitable and too time-consuming. At Digitaldukandaari., we do not recommend to waste time that could be spent on taking your business to the next level. Also, “promoting methods'' such as botting and generating fake comments are no longer accepted. Why should you put your brand reputation at stake? Activate campaigns across social media and increase the ROI with help of the best ad tools available.