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We create a strong Brand and increase the demand for your product through interaction with your target audience on Social Media.

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Trusted LinkedIn Marketing Agency in India

While social media for most of the people is limited around Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, most of the businesses have certainly seen the herald of a new age in the form of LinkedIn. And if your business has not been using this platform, it’s the perfect time to use LinkedIn marketing services for your business benefits.

Contact ‘Digitaldukandaari’ which is a premier LinkedIn marketing agency in India to obtain quality social media marketing assistance. We can assure to turn LinkedIn a happy, healthy place for your business, which in turn ensures a lot of quality customers.

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What we do

Why Trust Our LinkedIn Marketing Service

Promoting a website on LinkedIn is not a new concept, though the businesses have realized it relatively late. Consult ‘Digitaldukandaari’ for a quality assistance as we have pre-made customizable LinkedIn marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses which include the following:

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

We prepare an effective ad strategy for the platform after a thorough competitor analysis and audience research to bring out the best action plan.

Sponsored Content

We ensure to lay stress on Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content which are highly effective features to foster your marketing efforts.

Content Development

LinkedIn can be used as a medium to post long articles and informative content which has the power to lure your audience towards your website.

Integrated Analytics

We ensure to integrate LinkedIn with other marketing platforms such as Google Analytics to offer a profound insight into the visitor behavior

Sponsored In Mail

You can send personalized emails to the desired audience with the help of Sponsored InMail feature where we help to create engaging emails to capture user’s attention.

Timely Reports & Updates

You receive every important information about your follow-requests, who checked the profile, post engagement and follower actions


Frequently Asked Questions

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that concentrates on qualified networking and career growth. You can use LinkedIn to display your resume, search jobs, highlight your business, etc.
  • Helps in building brand
  • Getting You Connected
  • Collaborating With Community Features
  • Grow Business and Produce Outcomes
Reporting by Digitaldukandaari solely depends on the chosen Linkedin Marketing package. You can probably count on it happening every month or every week.

Linkedin Marketing package should be chosen as per your business goals and objectives. We have categorized our Linkedin Marketing packages in such a way that it benefits all types of businesses be it small, medium or large—scale.

It works far better than Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.
  • Highly skilled professions
  • Goal-oriented strategy
  • Reasonable Packages
  • Linkedin Account Access
  • Google Analytics Details
  • Google Tag Manager